Product Details

Blue Shell Supreme


Powered with the path-breaking RO+Silver Charged Membrane Technology, Blueshell Supreme gives you 100% RO purified, Baby-Safe water, thanks to its 8-stage purification process. All this along with the peace of mind of having a Water Purifier that saves 2X more water than an ordinary RO water purifier* with its innovative Advanced Recovery Technology™.

• Water Source :orewell (typically TDS more than 200), Mix- Multiple sources- Municipal corporation+Borewell/Tanker Borewell+Tanker (typically TDS more than 200), Tanker (typically TDS more than 200).
• Purifier Placement : Wall mount + Table top placement
• Technology :Purification process - RO + ALKALINE + UF + SN ( Silver nano technology ) + With smart indicator.
•Value Added Features :Suitable for all kind of water.